What is Navy?

This Brochure is intended to give you information on Merchant Shipping and help you to choose your future career in ships a career which is professionally sound and satisfying, Merchant Shipping means trading in commercial commodities such as general cargo Industrial goods Oil Tanker Chemical Tanker, liquid cargo, live stocks, gas etc. Which are transported by sea going ships on International waters between various countries of the world. This is primarily a male oriented career, although there is no legal bar for females taking up this profession. The career provides an opportunity for person to visit and acquaint with nationals of various countries and learn many things highly demand for Indian seafarers in international market

Our goal is to educate the youth of India about merchant navy to make a career on sea in this regard we conducted one day seminar on awareness on merchant navy in Srinagar on 29th June 2009 most of the youth from these three state Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim, not aware about merchant navy, most of the youth benefited fromemployment in merchant navy except these three states

Before taking up a job on a merchant ship it is necessary that the candidates should undergo training, the objective being the safe and efficient operation of the ship by trained mens. The ships of today are highly sophisticated and technology intensive and naturally manning ships with men of professional ability and dedication to duty is imperative.

The training in India covers G.P. Rating course, Deck Cadet and engine cadet, All this courses are conducted as per guidelines framed by The Directorate General of shipping in co-ordination with Indian Maritime University and therefore the candidates get trainings of exceptionally high standards, Even Ships officers are of shipping in co-ordination with Indian Maritime University and therefore the candidates get trainings of exceptionally high standards, Even Ships officers are made to go through very high quality syllabus where after they are required to pass written and oral examination. These examinations are conducted by MMD in the presence of a panel of LBS/MMD consisting of DG Nautical Surveyor in the case of Deck officer and Engineer surveyor in the case of Engineers, in view of this background, Indian seafarers are the most sought after in the Shipping Industry worldwide. Needless to say Indian seafarers are in high demand and are highly paid.

One more thing we wish to bring to your knowledge is that Merchant Shipping is one of the most secure Industries in the world market. The Directorate General of Shipping has ensured that no seafarers will face any problem after serving on board a vessel. The Directorate has introduced a uniform and transparent procedure enabling them to keep a watch on the function of a recruiting agency. They have made it mandatory for all the manning and management companies to submit their application in the first place to get the recruitment and placement license. The procedure for issue of such a license involves a checking by The Director, Seamans employment office to find on whether the applicant Manning Agent is fulfilling The Directorate General of Shipping guidelines or not. The Semens Employment office have appointed Indian Register of Shipping whose surveyor visits the Manning Agent office and strictly checks the manning producer, company manuals etc. It is only on their being satisfied that The Manning Agent functions strictly as per the guidelines of The Directorate General of Shipping, The Surveyor of The Indian Register of Shipping submits his favorable report with the copy to Seamens Employment office. This whole procedure is also to ensure whether any Foreign or Indian principal who has placed an order for manning their vessel has fully insured the vessel or not as also the validity of insurance to secure the welfare of crew as well as their next of kin.

There is one more body to look after the welfare of crew members and that is National Union of Seafarers of India. They constantly keep a check on whether the crews on board vessel get proper hygienic food or not, whether they get proper wages in time, etc. It not they immediately hold the Manning Agent to find out the reason. Even in eventualities like failure of ships engine, problems of piracy on high seas, the NUSI, immediately take up the matter with local government as will as international Transport federation (ITF) to take care of The situation and to ensure safety of crew on board the ship. This organization (NUSI) also looks medical expenses of seafarer and their family, sponsor their childrens education and generally extend financial support to their members till last day of their life. Apart from NUSI there is one more organization Sena Seamens Union of India- which is sincerely dedicated to attend to the grievance of seaman and help to secure their legitimate rights, irrespective of whether the seaman are their members or not. This organization too is an approved member of ITF.

All in all a career on sea is very attractive, remunerative as also safe and secure. The entire set up is under the care of Governmental Departments to ensure welfare of seafarers. The Merchant shipping sector offers golden opportunities for educated youth to make a wonderful career for life.