Honduras approved courses

Sr NoCourse NameRegulation
1Tanker Familiarization1.01
2Specialized Training Programme on Oil Tanker Operations1.02
3Specialized Training Programme on Chemical Tanker Operations1.04
4Specialized Training Programme on Liquefied Gas Tanker Operations1.06
5Radar Navigation – Operational Level1.07
6Radar Navigation – Management Level1.08
7Dangerous, Hazardous & Harmful Cargoes1.1
8Elementary First Aid1.13
9Medical First Aid1.14
10Medical Care1.15
11Personal Survival Techniques1.19
12Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting1.2
13Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities1.21
14Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork1.22
15Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats1.23
16Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats1.24
17General Operator’s Certificate for the GMDSS1.25
18Restricted Operator’s Certificate for the GMDSS1.26
19Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)1.27
20Proficiency in Crowd Management for Passenger Ships and RO-RO Passenger Ships1.28
21Operational use of AIS1.34
22Marine Environmental & Pollution Awareness1.38
23Advanced Training in Fire Fighting2.03
24Engine Room Simulator2.07
25Maritime English3.17
26Ship Security Officer3.19
27Security Awareness Training for Seafarers
28Security Awareness Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
29Master and Chief Mate7.01
30Chief and 2nd Engineer Officer7.02
31Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch7.03
32Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch7.04
33Rating Forming Part of Engineering Watch (STCW Reg. III/4)
34Rating Forming Part of Navigational Watch (STCW Reg. II/4)
35Able-bodied Deck Rating (STCW Reg. II/5)
36Able-bodied Engine Rating (STCW Reg. III/5)
37Electro – Technical Officer (STCW Reg. III/6)
38Electro – Technical Rating ( III/7)
39Maritime High Voltage

Other Requirements



  • Minimum physical condition required as per IMO are:
    • Height 155 cm
    • Weight 48 kgs.
    • Chest 72.5 cms. (expansion 5cm)
    • Eye Sight Normal (6 x 6 vision on both eyes without glasses and free from colour blindness)
  • All applicant must communicate in English Language as these examination are conducted in English. The candidates will also have to undergo a Medical fitness test, as per the IMO standard prior joining the institute for training.


  • Each training course fee is exhibited in the Institute office.
  • Once course is booked by candidates the fee will not be refunded for any reason.


  • The Standing Rules and Regulation of the Institute shall be binding on all applicants. This may be change without prior intimation to the candidates.
  • Gold ornaments or other valuable items or any kind of electrical apparatus are not permitted in the Institute premises.
  • Candidate must wear white shirt and black pant while attending the classes.
  • Library and Canteen caution money will be refunded at the end of the particular class after deducting the breakage or loss of book charges.
  • Visitors are not allowed in Institute premises.
  • The use of Tobacco and Alcohol or any kind of Narcotic Drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the institute premises.
  • Difference in course fees if any, to be paid on commencement of the course.
  • Separate Charges, if Cancellation/advancement/postponement of Confirmed courses is requested.